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Automatic Gate Barriers
  • AGTA1C213F AGTA1C213F
Automatic Gate Barriers

The Access 1 Automatic Gate Barriers are designed for vehicle access control. They can be widely used in places such as parking lots, toll gates, warehouses, railway crossings and commercial premises.


  • Manual release
  • Machine core adopting compression spring, effectively avoids accidents caused by spring breaking
  • Die-casting aluminium alloy motor, precise operation and good at thermal radiation
  • Motor with cooling fan to ensure over-heat protection
  • Double safety limit switches (photo electricity limit switch motor/memory sensor)
  • Reversing on obstacle
  • Auto-closing
  • Suitable for all widths up to 6 m
  • Up to 4.00 m as at beam, as well as round beam from above 4.00 m with doublesided beam-mounting
  • Mounting of the beam (at beam) right or left
  • Reduced opening-/closing time from 1.5 sec to 6 sec- Folding Arm Kit, where height restriction
  • Electro-mechanical drive with boom arm incorporation
  • Boom-breakage monitoring