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Autopay Stations
  • PSA1C209 - Chipcoin PSA1C209 - Chipcoin
  • IAPSA1C209 - Mifare® IC card IAPSA1C209 - Mifare® IC card
Autopay Stations

A1C Auto Pay Stations support the barcode (Code 128C) tickets, the classical magnetic stripe tickets and the Mifare® IC card or Chipcoin as parking tickets and provides a convenient payment service in a parking facility.


  • Renew payment service integration to other season card system—all models
  • Lost ticket issuing function (with a ticket dispenser)—all models
  • Credit card payment service integration (with a credit card reader)—all models
  • Customised cabinet material and colour—all models
  • Providing change in banknotes(s): Upgraded banknote validator/collector with banknote denomination recycled and for providing as change—all models
  • Coin escrow device—all models